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{March 9, 2008}   Fashion funk

I am excited, after searching through all sorts of casting calls and auditions and responding to many, I actually got an appointment with a photographer for Monday. The studio is in Los Angeles and its supposed to be a one day photo shoot for handbags.

I have now agonized over what to wear. I was going through some fashion blogs and found all those worst dressed celebrities. Some of the photos really make me question judgement. I mean, I know these stars did not intentionally set out to be “worst dressed” and I am sure they must have looked in a mirror before walking out the door… OK, with some of these fashion choices, they may have missed the mirror.

So what was Paula Abdul even thinking when she put this on? I am not even really sure what it is. A shirt? a frilly long scarf over a frilly shirt? The gray top reminds me of a dress my mom had in the 80’s. I know retro can be hip, but somehow I can’t see the 80’s making a fashion come back.

Paula Abdul worst dressed

Here is another bit of fashion I can’t quite make out, Is it a duck wrapped around her neck?a swan? It almost looks like a carrot. Anyway, this has to be one of the worst dresses I have ever seen. I just can’t imagine ever thinking that looks hot.
This is one ugly duckling that will never turn into the swan.

Ugly white dress
Fashion flawed, peach shiny poofy looks belted at the crotch may not work well on the red carpet. I know she missed that mirror leaving the house.

sobiesky fashion flawed

Honey Lee on fuzzy fashion. Actually, we now know what happened to the rest of the white feathers from the dead swan a few pictures up.

Honey lee fuzzy fashion

I feel better now, I know what not to wear. I shall stay away from the fuzzy, shiny, ruffly and unexplainable.

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