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{March 13, 2008}   Fashion forward and handmade

Found something I really love on the internet… handmade handbags. I never knew thatasian model holds handmade bag anything handmade and awesome looking was even close to being affordable, but i guess it is. There are actually some companies in Asia that have artists making awesome bags by hand to sell on the websites worldwide. I even found blogs dedicated to handmade handbag fashion

Here is an excerpt from a site that deals in handmade totes:

“With a fashion design background, Angie has worked at several retail operations, and Robert encouraged her to take a look at Vietnam and perhaps open a business of her own.

“They have so many beautiful things that I wanted to bring here to show people, to share the culture of Vietnam,” said Angie, who points out delicate petit-point coin purses ($119) and handbags ($99 to $259) made of combinations of silk, linen, canvas and suede, still handmade and hand-embroidered. Even the linen is handwoven, a level of craftsmanship unthinkable in the West except at a much higher price. ”

Check out this stylish store

style and fashion in vietnam

I quick internet search for handmade handbags will list hundreds of sites and many great images of how cool these totes and handbags are. Here are just a few of these…







I really need one of these things, or two. I really love the large totes, they would be perfect to stuff all my stuff into on casting calls and still look incredibly stylish.

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