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Now if anyone wants her modeling and acting resume, you can find it here… don’t be too disappointed that its a blank, you see she has been starring in a very secret feature called “sleeping with the governor”

From the blogosphere…

Ashley Dupre Dipietro reveals her acting skills in an old washington sequel

Ashley Dupre AKA Ashley DiPietro has become a household nameashley dipietro or ashley dupre overnight… and, Ashley is in fact an aspiring actress! Yep, Ashley has a profile and online portfolio on the top talent site on the Internet, I guess the only talent it actually takes in America to get famous is the old fashioned kind.

Well, If Ashley wanted to make a name for herself, she sure did and her online “modeling”portfolio is now spread across the blogosphere by the thousands… way to go girl.

Her “modeling” portfolio that up untill yesterday probably saw very few eyeballs, today must be getting a tsunami of visitors.

If you even missed this cover girl, you can still check out the now famous modeling portfolio – Click Here.

from blogs all over the Internet now hovering over Ashley Dupre or DiPierto

I found an article entitled

Spitzer’s Hooker Is About To Be Famous!!!

They are a bit off track… She just got very famous! and will most likely have the casting agents and bookdeals breaking down her door by manana!

Meet rebellious runaway, turned aspiring R&B singer, turned Elliot Spitzer’s last hoe Ashley Youmans aka Ashley Rae Maika DiPierto aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Kristen from the Emperor’s Club VIP.

et cetera