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OK, I know this is so blogged about, but I just can not resist. I LOVE project runway! I watch the reruns 20 times over and this season was off de hook! The fashion week runway show was awsome. I think this was my fave season so far and Christians dress , the two tome feathered gown at the end pretty much made me drewl. I could not find any pics of it though, not even on the BravoTV Project Runway website.

And the winner was….

project runway winner

Here is one of my fave outfits from the finals, I really love this look even though it has been done so many times.

project runway fashion models catwalk

and from the collection of the project runway winner christian, my least liked outfit, wish I could give him my style tips on this dress, luckily he had some great stuff after this.

hated this dress

black dress from designer christian project runway

Actually, one of his pieces reminded me of this lovely gown from the middle ages

giant collar

Anyway, it was a great show and I look forward to the next season of Project Runway

project runway judges

I also really loved just about every thing from this designer.Hard choice between the 3 finalists… they all had great fashion.

fashion week

{March 8, 2008}   cool fashion pics

Here are some really cool fashion pics

fashion high fashion on catwalk in pink evening gown

pink model

 The grass dresses from what else… Project Runway

dress on model made of grass

et cetera