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naomi campbell temperSeems there is now more information and opinions emerging about the arrest of Supermodel Naomi Campbell for spitting on an officer in what police now call “air rage”, yep, there is now an air rage that may be the kissing cousin to the well known “road rage”

Anyway, It seems that BA (British Airways) has a zero tolerance policy towards air rage and disruption of their flights and the Supermodel with super attitude may be banned from BA.

Yesterday, more details emerged after her fellow passengers eventually arrived at Los Angeles.

Miss Campbell had apparently been told to stay on the plane without her bag, which would be forwarded, or to catch a later flight.

She is said to have rejected both options, demanding that her bag was found.

First-class passenger John Miller, 42, said: “She was moaning but we were all in the same boat.

“Just because she’s a celebrity, it doesn’t mean her bags can’t get lost too. She just made it worse forNaomi Campbell in stylish community service attire everyone else. As well as lost luggage, we had to endure almost a two-hour delay.”

Yesterday the airline, which has a policy of “zero tolerance” towards air rage, said it was “reviewing” whether the 37-year-old could fly with it again.

Witnesses claimed Miss Naomi Campbell was “virtually dragged” off the plane in handcuffs on Thursday afternoon while the plane waited for take-off.

She is said to have screamed and waved her arms after being told one of her two Louis Vuitton bags had not been loaded on to the aircraft.

After a “sustained” period of abuse, BA staff called police but the model allegedly continued her tirade and spat at the police officer.

Anyway, this here may be the fashion that Naomi Campbell will be modeling for some time to come as she faces the repercussions of her temper tantrums

naomi-campbell-jailed.jpgSo what happened with Naomi Campbell… well it seems she got arrested tonight for spitting on a cop. At Heathrow airport, she apparently got a bit tiffed at the police after her bags were lost and spat on the cop. The cop, not being starstruck with having the supermodels saliva on him, arrested her.

It also seems that Naomi was one of many other passengers at the new terminal that is having problems with finding their luggage. They seem to believe that 28k bags have been lost, leaving passengers like Naomi a bit upset.

Witnesses said Campbell was aboard a British Airways plane going to Los Angeles when she got into an argument over a lost bag and allegedly spat on the officer who wanted no part of supermodel saliva.

Naomi Campbell got released on bail and went on her way with a new set court date for May.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 Thursday for allegedly spitting at a police officer.

Naomi also got in a bit of trouble last year for throwing a cell phone at a maid and made to take anger management classes… Back to anger management for Naomi it may seem. Maybe Naomi needs to get together with Tyra and take a bit of aggression out.

The associated Press article had this to say

Naomi Campbell Released on Bail

LONDON (AP) — Naomi Campbell was released on bail Friday after a spat with a police officer at Heathrow Airport’s troubled new Terminal 5, where one of her bags was lost.

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Tips for Creating a Modeling Portfolio


  • If you are trying to get your portfolio done with the sole aim of getting signed to an agency, think twice. The majority of agencies will ask you to do a portfolio shoot upon signing anyway, so this could very well mean paying twice!
  • In the first instance, it may be worthwhile approaching agencies with snapshot headshots and bodyshots. If this gets you nowhere, then consider paying a professional.
  • When you are getting dressed, make sure all your clothes are on properly – as in no twisted straps, no buttons done up through the wrong holes…
  • Remember – your portfolio is not a photo album! If a photo doesn’t “sell” you, don’t keep it because you have develop sentimental value towards it.
  • Ideally, you should aim to have photos no older than a year in your portfolio. This may mean having to get your modeling portfolio re-shot again, so be prepared!
  • It’s a good idea to keep spare copies of the photos in your portfolio in a safe place. You’ll avoid major panics if you should lose your modeling portfolio if you do this.

Be Careful…

  model headshot
  • Unless you are amazingly good at applying your own make-up, hire a make-up artist for the shoot. It is an additional expense but you don’t want to shell out on expensive photos only to have them ruined by poor make-up.
  • Don’t assume that the photographer charging you the most must therefore be the best. On the other hand, also remember that you get what you pay for. Strike a balance!!
  • Practicing modeling may feel weird at first but it is a must! What you think looks good in your head may not work out in real life…and you want to know that before you head to the photoshoot!
  • Be aware of tanning before the shoot as tan lines can create problems.
  • Be aware that many photographers and make-up artists will have cancellation policies. As a rule of thumb, if you cancel within 48 hours of the starting time of the shoot, you will have to pay at least some, usually all, of the fee.

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Well Tyra Banks does for one on her Top Modeling show, America’s Next Top Model. I’ve watched the show for many seasons now and have heard her lecture many a top model wanna be about making sure the face always look pretty no matter what crazy thing the body may be doing.

Tyra may need to give herself that same lecture.

{March 9, 2008}   Gisele – the wet look

This dress on model Gisele looks like its made of water. I can’t figure out if its just an effect or if Gisele is wearing a dress made of something that looks like water. Anyway the photo and the dress is too cool.

Gisele wet dress

et cetera