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{October 2, 2008}   Vintage 1960’s fashion

Every decade fashion changes, the 1950’s seemed slim and drab with a good amount of tailored tweed suits, the 70’s, well that may be best left forgotten for the sake of never mentioning(or bringing back) polyester again. The 1980’s saw those ridiculous leg warmers, spandex and shoulder pads,but the 60’s, those were way to cool. From the fashion and modeling blog.

1960’s print from Verucshka, around 1964

Emilio Pucci in 1966 shows a lot more skin than the previous decade

Verucshka 1966, full of color and very 1960’s

1968 suit by Mila Schoen

Model Susan Murray in a gorgeous blue print dress – 1960’s fashion

Verucshka in 1965

I love the above dresses!

300x250 medium rectangle

Yep, its not easy being a supermodel and walking down a slick, slippery catwalk in 6 inch stilettos. This is a compilation video of some very embarrassing stilleto moments and runway spills on the shiny slick fashion catwalks around the world. Check out the model in the giant white… I am not even sure what it is… getup, I can’t believe she did not fall in that. wow, painful to watch. And, there is another runway spill there in the video that looks like a baseball player sliding into home, yikes. Yep, fashion may in fact hurt…your butt that is.

This video also contains a short interview with Ms. Jay Alexander, from ANTM America’s Next Top Model and famous runway coach giving his 2 cents.

famous fashion runway models falling moments.

While on the topic of gray haired fashion models (previous post), I gotta add this…. sorry Kristen. This is a 2008 Givenchy fashion show that includes Kristen McMenamy finishing off the line of fashion models strutting down the catwalk. The poor woman slips and falls right at the end and is helped up by another model then they scurry away very quickly… talk about an embarrassing moment.

Cindy JosephAt 54 Cindy Joseph is as popular as ever appearing in countless ad campaigns and even her own fitness video. This mother of 2, 50+ fashion model did not get her start in her teens like many top fashion models, rather, she started her modeling career in her late 40’s by actually being “discovered” by an agent. Yes, at 49 Cindy got discovered when a casting agent approached her about doing a ad campaign for the young, hip and trendy, D&G. What seemed like a joke to her at first became her second career and this gray haired fashion model now commands top prices for her time.

The following is from a CNN article about older fashion models and fashion icons.

The French expression “woman of a certain age” refers to middle-age, and the French — and Europeans in general — have long appreciated the beauty of older women.

Cindy Joseph from catalog sundanceBut as 53-year-old Streep said that day: “America doesn’t reward people of my age, either in day-to-day life or for their performances.”

Those words resonated with her fans back home — getting older has a bad rap in the United States, especially if you’re a woman.

“As human beings we all want to be valued,” says former makeup artist Cindy Joseph. “But the sad truth is that women are judged based on their looks, and in this age-obsessed society our value goes down as our age goes up.”

Which is why Joseph thought “it was a joke” when a casting agent approached her on an East Village street in Manhattan nearly three years ago, asking if she wanted to model for an upcoming campaign for Dolce & Gabbana, the hip couture fashion house.

For one thing, Cindy, a single mother of two, was 49 at the time and ready to retire from the fashion business. Twenty-three years of painting some of the most famous faces in L.A., New York, Paris, and beyond had been fun, but the Seattle, Washington, native was ready to swap city living for a life “in the wilderness somewhere out West.”

But in truth, the biggest roadblock to modeling was the little voice inside her head.

“Like everybody else, I suffered from all the prejudices about what a model should look like,” she laughs. “I was not 18 years old. I wasn’t 6 feet tall. And I wasn’t really, really skinny.” A perfect size 6, Cindy is 5-feet-7-inches tall and her weight ranges between 125 to 130 pounds.

But the creative team at Dolce & Gabbana saw things differently and hired a stunned Joseph for the gig.

Once the ad was published, the new “it” girl came to the attention of Patty Sicular and Janet Rohan of Ford Models in New York City — legendary home of supermodels. The two signed her to an exclusive contract just two days after their first meeting.

Looking back, Sicular, co-director of the Ford’s celebrity and classic division, recalls, “Cindy only defied convention in terms of her height ” — two inches shy of Ford’s minimum height requirement — “and her decision to begin modeling about 25 years later than the usual starting age. But knew we could get herKristen Mcenamy givenchy model booked.”

Those instincts proved correct.

“O, The Oprah Magazine” was one of the first to feature Cindy in its pages. Before long, she was hired for lucrative print and TV ads for such companies as Lincoln Navigator, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Hush Puppies and Verizon Wireless.

Joseph’s look was seen as strong, contemporary, confident and authentic. But most important: Consumers reacted to her image positively, proving that she had what it takes to move merchandise for clients. Her career took off — and today she commands a rate of up to $25,000 for a day’s work.

you can read more of the Cindy Joseph story and other gray haired fashion models in the CNN older beauty article.

Other gray haired high fashion models are Carmen, who has been modeling for 50 years and Kristen McMenamy who recently modeled for Givenchy strutting her long natural gray hair down the catwalk.


So here is the youtube video of the final photo shoot from Wed. nights episode of America’s Next Top Model, hosted by Tyra Banks.

I heard rumors that this may in fact be the last season of this show, not sure how accurate that is. I really do like the TV show and it is still at the top of my Reality TV “top shows” list.

The contestants for cycle 10 of ANTM in the above photo shoot are

Aimee, 18, from Spanaway, Washington
Allison , 18, from Waunakee, Wisconsin

Amis , 20, from Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Anya , 18, from Honolulu, Hawaii
Atalya, 18, from Brooklyn, New York
Claire , 24, from New York City, New York
Dominique , 23, from Columbus, Ohio
Fatima , 21, from Boston, Massachusetts
Katarzyna, 22, from Roslyn, New York
Kimberly, 20, from Worcester, Massachusetts
Lauren , 22, from Brooklyn, New York
Marvita, 23, from San Francisco, California
Stacy Ann , 22, from Hialeah, Florida
Whitney , 20, from Atlantic Beach, Florida 

This comes after Tyra’s Top Models got their makeovers a few weeks back. I love the model makeover they do in every cycle. Its great to see the transformations and… of course the hair cut drama from the models. I still gotta say, I  still can’t believe that there was a Top Model who left the show rather than chop the hair some time back… but the hair chopping reminds me of these cute child models below.


I love the shoes. The prints are a bit to wild for my taste but some of the solid colored summer dresses are great. The orange dress would be hot without the funky army hat. Actually, all these styles would be better minus the crazy hats the models are wearing.

{March 13, 2008}   Fashion forward and handmade

Found something I really love on the internet… handmade handbags. I never knew thatasian model holds handmade bag anything handmade and awesome looking was even close to being affordable, but i guess it is. There are actually some companies in Asia that have artists making awesome bags by hand to sell on the websites worldwide. I even found blogs dedicated to handmade handbag fashion

Here is an excerpt from a site that deals in handmade totes:

“With a fashion design background, Angie has worked at several retail operations, and Robert encouraged her to take a look at Vietnam and perhaps open a business of her own.

“They have so many beautiful things that I wanted to bring here to show people, to share the culture of Vietnam,” said Angie, who points out delicate petit-point coin purses ($119) and handbags ($99 to $259) made of combinations of silk, linen, canvas and suede, still handmade and hand-embroidered. Even the linen is handwoven, a level of craftsmanship unthinkable in the West except at a much higher price. ”

Check out this stylish store

style and fashion in vietnam

I quick internet search for handmade handbags will list hundreds of sites and many great images of how cool these totes and handbags are. Here are just a few of these…







I really need one of these things, or two. I really love the large totes, they would be perfect to stuff all my stuff into on casting calls and still look incredibly stylish.

{March 11, 2008}   Its all about the shoes

Check out the shoes, these are some of the ones I really love from DKNY. I love the shoe, but walking in that may be a bit tough.

DKNY shoes on the model runway

DKNY runway show


fashion week DKNY shoes


black DKNY shoes

 Not DKNY, but I love the bright green straps

lacoste fashion shoe week

{March 9, 2008}   Fashion funk

I am excited, after searching through all sorts of casting calls and auditions and responding to many, I actually got an appointment with a photographer for Monday. The studio is in Los Angeles and its supposed to be a one day photo shoot for handbags.

I have now agonized over what to wear. I was going through some fashion blogs and found all those worst dressed celebrities. Some of the photos really make me question judgement. I mean, I know these stars did not intentionally set out to be “worst dressed” and I am sure they must have looked in a mirror before walking out the door… OK, with some of these fashion choices, they may have missed the mirror.

So what was Paula Abdul even thinking when she put this on? I am not even really sure what it is. A shirt? a frilly long scarf over a frilly shirt? The gray top reminds me of a dress my mom had in the 80’s. I know retro can be hip, but somehow I can’t see the 80’s making a fashion come back.

Paula Abdul worst dressed

Here is another bit of fashion I can’t quite make out, Is it a duck wrapped around her neck?a swan? It almost looks like a carrot. Anyway, this has to be one of the worst dresses I have ever seen. I just can’t imagine ever thinking that looks hot.
This is one ugly duckling that will never turn into the swan.

Ugly white dress
Fashion flawed, peach shiny poofy looks belted at the crotch may not work well on the red carpet. I know she missed that mirror leaving the house.

sobiesky fashion flawed

Honey Lee on fuzzy fashion. Actually, we now know what happened to the rest of the white feathers from the dead swan a few pictures up.

Honey lee fuzzy fashion

I feel better now, I know what not to wear. I shall stay away from the fuzzy, shiny, ruffly and unexplainable.

{March 9, 2008}   Gisele – the wet look

This dress on model Gisele looks like its made of water. I can’t figure out if its just an effect or if Gisele is wearing a dress made of something that looks like water. Anyway the photo and the dress is too cool.

Gisele wet dress

et cetera