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{October 2, 2008}   Vintage 1960’s fashion

Every decade fashion changes, the 1950’s seemed slim and drab with a good amount of tailored tweed suits, the 70’s, well that may be best left forgotten for the sake of never mentioning(or bringing back) polyester again. The 1980’s saw those ridiculous leg warmers, spandex and shoulder pads,but the 60’s, those were way to cool. From the fashion and modeling blog.

1960’s print from Verucshka, around 1964

Emilio Pucci in 1966 shows a lot more skin than the previous decade

Verucshka 1966, full of color and very 1960’s

1968 suit by Mila Schoen

Model Susan Murray in a gorgeous blue print dress – 1960’s fashion

Verucshka in 1965

I love the above dresses!

300x250 medium rectangle

These are some pictures from a Givenchy fashion show and I gotta say, I really love these very hot outfits… wish I had them. I also hear that last winter the Givenchy brand brought back some of the classic scents from previous decades as “mythical”. The Givenchy “mythical” perfumes were available for a limited time and discontinued at the end of 2007.

Here is also a classic dress from Givenchy, circa 1950’s

and a pic of the classic Givenchy perfume Le De

et cetera