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The latest news from the internet’s largest talent community and audition sites. Last week we heard that Explore Talent had hit 2 million members, today, it looks like they are at 2 million plus 30 thousand, definately a huge pool of acting and modeling talent.

August 21, 2008 — Explore Talent hits 2 million members making it the largest online talent community
on the planet.

Also, looks like the 2 million milestone came right around Explore Talent’s 5 year B-Day. Congrats to Explore Talent. is celebrating its 5-year anniversary this month by launching it’s new site. The new and improved went through a slick redesign, revamped navigation, updated their logo and added many new features, services and sections. ‘We have been working on the new site for almost a year now, every time we thought we had it done,

we found something new we wanted to add for our members. We were thrilled to get it completed in time for our 5 year anniversary,’ explains Don Hinder, Marketing Manager.

In July of 2003 Explore Talent began its journey to unite the modeling/acting and music communities from the entire United States into a centralized online talent pool and community that covers every city in every state. Explore Talent began with a skeleton office crew and a handful of members and has grown into the largest online talent community on the planet with almost 2 million registered members. Over the last 5 years Explore Talent has expanded its services and offerings, most recently to include tools for musicians such as unlimited music and video file uploads.

The online Community is for both Talent and Casting Agents. Models, actors, dancers and musicians use the site to find work, answer casting calls and network with peers while casting agents can search through millions of portfolios to fill specific roles and post upcoming auditions.

The site adds new casting calls, auditions and gigs as they come in with over 25k new jobs listed every month covering every city of the US and Canada, 10 times that of any other talent website. As the sites membership and amount of open calls and jobs grew, a new system called CastMatch was created. CastMatch takes into account the specific requirements for the casting call such as specific age, gender, ethnicity or market. CastMatch then selects from the talent pool all those that fit the casting requirements. Members specify their own criteria and interests, when CastMatch finds a match, it immediately notifies the member about the job.

CastMatch makes sure that members only get the castings that interest them as well as those they physically fit. CastMatch saves time for everyone, members do not need to sort through things of little interest to them and casting agents only get replies from people who meet their exact needs.
Explore Talent community members can be assured that they will not miss a casting call or audition even if they have not logged into the site for a few days. CastMatch emails members the jobs as they come in. For new members, the site offers a 7-day free of CastMatch and other premium services.

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