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OMG, I had to watch I know my kids a star last night, the new Reality child modeling / acting show hosted by Danny Bonaduce. At one point during the show, I just wanted to stick my hand through that screen and sqeeze rocky’s little neck.

That woman really pisses me off. Forget the lack of style and looking like superstar stripper on crack / drag queen, she is just plain mean to everyone.

Her daughter had an audition and this nut tried to “out do” her daughter. The poor kid is just hoping mom will leave her alone. But this kid is not alone, a few of the parents on that show are plain whacked.. but Rocky totally takes the cake.

For anyone who has not yet caught the “I Know My Kids a Star” Reality disaster, check this out

Anyway, in a part of this weeks show, Danny Bonaduce actually gives the parents a tour of Hollywood shit holes and points out who partied where and even who died where after the party. Including showing the streets Drew Barrymore stumbled across at the tender age of 13 and the Viper Room pavement that River Pheonix collapsed on. Talk about a star studded macabre tour of Hollywood.

here is a video of another parent, Miss “I dream of Jeanie”

These parents are serious about their own success as a child star… well relived through the children.

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