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These are some pictures from a Givenchy fashion show and I gotta say, I really love these very hot outfits… wish I had them. I also hear that last winter the Givenchy brand brought back some of the classic scents from previous decades as “mythical”. The Givenchy “mythical” perfumes were available for a limited time and discontinued at the end of 2007.

Here is also a classic dress from Givenchy, circa 1950’s

and a pic of the classic Givenchy perfume Le De

While on the topic of gray haired fashion models (previous post), I gotta add this…. sorry Kristen. This is a 2008 Givenchy fashion show that includes Kristen McMenamy finishing off the line of fashion models strutting down the catwalk. The poor woman slips and falls right at the end and is helped up by another model then they scurry away very quickly… talk about an embarrassing moment.

{March 19, 2008}   Prada Outlet store

Prada Factory Outlet Tuscany

Fashion Designer Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan, Italy as a manufacturer of leather bags. What is known today as Prada is mostly the work of the founder’s grand-daughter Miuccia
Thus, Prada clothes avoid very loud clouring and easily appealing appearances. They are described as cool, comfortable, pure, graceful, and minimalist. Miuccia Prada, who is entirely in charge of the companies creative decisions, says she bases her decisions mostly on intuition. She is reported to be overly fussy about each detail of her design. It can happen that each product has to be changed over and over in order to come closest to Miucci Prada’s initial idea. Her husband Patrizio Bertelli is the business-man behind Miuccia Prada. He is responsible for the commercial side of the products and the retail strategy.

Prada Factory Outlet

Prada aka I Pellettieri d’Italia
Localit Levanella, 52025
Montevarchi (Arezzo)
Tuscany, Italy.


The Designers of Madonna,
Monica Bellucci, Isabella Rossellini, Kylie Minogue and Angelina Jolie, amongst others who are also known
to wear Prada and Gucci and
Dolce & Gabbana
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area and around Italy

How to find it
Directions: The exit off the autostrada is Valdarno (Montevarchi), the town is Levanelle, the landmark to look for is the 2nd IP gas station opposite a factory building with a sawtooth roof.

et cetera