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OMG, I had to watch I know my kids a star last night, the new Reality child modeling / acting show hosted by Danny Bonaduce. At one point during the show, I just wanted to stick my hand through that screen and sqeeze rocky’s little neck.

That woman really pisses me off. Forget the lack of style and looking like superstar stripper on crack / drag queen, she is just plain mean to everyone.

Her daughter had an audition and this nut tried to “out do” her daughter. The poor kid is just hoping mom will leave her alone. But this kid is not alone, a few of the parents on that show are plain whacked.. but Rocky totally takes the cake.

For anyone who has not yet caught the “I Know My Kids a Star” Reality disaster, check this out

Anyway, in a part of this weeks show, Danny Bonaduce actually gives the parents a tour of Hollywood shit holes and points out who partied where and even who died where after the party. Including showing the streets Drew Barrymore stumbled across at the tender age of 13 and the Viper Room pavement that River Pheonix collapsed on. Talk about a star studded macabre tour of Hollywood.

here is a video of another parent, Miss “I dream of Jeanie”

These parents are serious about their own success as a child star… well relived through the children.

In the year of reality modeling and talent shows, another pops up that involves kid modeling and child stars. They may be running out of ideas and hosts one would think after seasons and seasons filled with “Top Model”, “Project Runway” (which I love BTW) and “all the other Top Model type shows”.

tyra americas next top modelI also must mention that I watch “find me a mate” type shows, such as “Rock of Love”, “I love NY”, and “Flavor of Love”. I think the shows are just too funny as the casts involved try to convince each other and the world that they are there purely for LOVE and not stardom. No one ever mentions that these shows are cast through auditions and filled with wanna be stars and starletts. 1 season, cool… 2 seasons is understandable, but 3 seasons? come on now producers.. move on… that fool will never find Love. Actually, I watched Flavor of Love 3 last night.

Anyway, getting back to the Child modeling / talent show Reality series “I know my kids a star”.

The VH1 show is hosted by Danny Bonaduce. “I know my kids a star” puts parent against parent and child against child in a kid modeling / acting / talent competition to win the prize.

Do you want this guy to mentor your kids?

danny bonaduce kids mentor for baby models

Yep, not a typo, Danny is back in reality TV land again… this time he is back as a role model. Last time we saw Danny, he was angry, depressed, addicted to sex and drugs. So what better role model for the star struck youngsters than this aging, addict son, of a old hit series… the Partridge Family? Hey, I can’t think of a better role model… NOT.

The TV guy has this to say… Someone pick me up off the floor, Danny Bonaduce will have a reality series in which he mentors children. VH1 will offer “I Know My Kid’s a Star,” starting at 10 p.m. March 20.

Bonaduce will help identify standout child performers, then advise their parents on how to help the young talent. The eight-week series will feature 10 parent-child teams in an elimination contest.

Here’s the setup from VH1: “The kids will need to have talent, and the parents will need to have the smarts to navigate showbiz without ruining their child’s career or life. The realities of the business become clearer, as each week Danny will eliminate one parent/child team that just won’t make it in the cutthroat world of Hollywood.”

Gee, wouldn’t you rather watch a rerun of “The Partridge Family”?

I watched the show last night and found it to be in “very poor taste”… not that reality TV is ever in “good taste”, but it seems a bit cruel to put kids into a situation where they get humiliated on TV by the actions of their own nutty parents or by a horrible performance.

There is nothing wrong with ambitious kids and strong willed parents pushing them to success, casting calls and auditions, but unfortunately, the reality TV arena is all about controversy and stirring the pot. Without knockdown brawls in the “reality” house, the show is not much fun for viewers and getting kids involved in the backstabbing is GOING TOO FAR.

Other opinions of this ohh, so, so, so bad reality TV show…

Pity the kids on ‘I Know My Kid’s a Star’

The best hope for “I Know My Kid’s a Star” is that some viewers will think it’s so bad, it’s interesting.

But this competition among wanna-be child stars and their wanna-be stage parents isn’t bad in the kind of way where everyone can sit down afterward, put a few straws in a milkshake and have a good laugh.

It’s bad in a much creepier way.

At its worst, and “worst” is not just one fleeting moment, it’s cynical. It lures you in with the reassuring promise that it’s going to steer the contestants away from the snake pit of child stardom and then can’t wait to showcase painful scenes of overbearing parents and uncomfortable children.


I am not alone here I think in thinking that the child model /kid talent / reality tv series hosted by Danny may be a bit unhealthy for kids who are serious about showbiz

Here is an article I found on another blog, it talks about child modeling and getting your kids started in the acting and modeling industry.

Getting your child or baby into modeling

I recently talked to my friend Dee who has a 5 year old son named Chris. Chris in the last 4 years has done 3 commercials, 1 of which was a national commercial and countless catalog and magazine ads.

Knowing there are so many parents who would love to get their own babies or children into modeling and acting, I asked Dee for her advise.

A large hurdle to overcome when trying to get your baby into modeling is finding out where to start or what to do, I mean where do you find kids casting calls?. The besBaby gap adt place to begin is with research. Googling the words auditions, modeling, acting, etc. will give you some great results and many resources for child actors.

Dee also mentions to make sure you do not get caught in some of the scams out there. Dee tells me when she was first looking for agencies she picked up the phone and called around. All these agencies sounded excited and invited them to come in. Once there they tried to sell her portfolio packages for many thousands of dollars before they would ever consider helping her find auditions. Basically you had to pay them thousands without any guarantee that they will ever do anything. Read the rest of this entry »

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