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{April 26, 2009}   Cindy Joseph – A huge Inspiration

We all know who Cindy Joseph is… right? Cindy is the model you see all the time in commercials, ads, etc. Cindy is middle- aged and has gray hair. She has been the spokesperson for many products and most of us will recognize her image even if we do not know her name.

What makes her so amazing is her willingness to talk and discuss her accomplishments with people she does not even know.

I started this blog and a few more. I am also an aspiring model and, I must add,  a huge fan of Cindy. I wrote qa story about her and the amazing thing is she responds with comments and advice to my readers.

Cindy really is an amazing person and it’s hard to believe that she finds the time for us, but she does.

Cindy Joseph has responded to every comment that readers have added and I think that is totally awesome!

Below are some comments she posted on another entry, I just wanted to share her comments withe everyone who may have not seen the original post.

Hello everyone,

I am Cindy Joseph, the Classic Ford model.

I accidentally discovered this blog after a friend suggest I google myself. It was quite fun to see this article you posted. I am not sure how this whole thing works, however I will post this letter in hopes it is read by those who posted their comments here.
Firstly, thank you for your lovely comments about me. I remember working with Joachime. He is a talented Creative Director and I enjoyed relating with him very much.He is forward thinking with great vision. It was a pleasure working with him for Ann Taylor. I can understand the points he made. It is often very much like what he explained.
However, I am compelled to set the record straight on this little controversy. The original article was accurate.
It’s very simple. In 1999 I was standing on a street corner in the east village of Manhattan. I was approached by a casting agent looking for someone to model for a D&G campaign photographed by Steven Meisel. I thought it was a joke, having been in the business for 25 yrs. I had worked with top models and celebrities around the world. . I could not imagine someone was asking ME to model. Long story short, I did the shoot for D&G. It came out about 5 months later. I was approached again within a month for another advertising shoot and then a producer suggested I go to Ford. I have now been modeling for 10 years. That’s my story in a nutshell!
Thanks for your attention and thank you again for being interested. I believe that women my age, being represented in todays fashion, beauty advertising, clearly indicates that e western societies prejudices about aging are changing! So far, I have experienced life gets better as time goes by!! the old paradigm does not work for the Baby Boomers. We have never accepted the status quo and we are continuing to reinvent every decade of our lives. Lets continue the revolution!

Regards to all,

I hope you read this because I want you to know how you have inspired me. I am 45 and have been grey since my twenties. I bought into the myth that only youth is beautiful. I agonized over it. I battled with hair dyes for years. One day several years ago I saw you in an ad. I thought “that is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” . It inspired me to let my own hair go grey. This is turn opened a whole way of thinking for me. It literally changed my life. I embraced who I am. I feel more free and beautiful than ever. (And it all began with you in an advertisement!)
Thanks for being an inspiration.
North Carolina USA


Thank you so so much for sharing your story with me. I am thrilled that my image could inspire you to go as nature made you. Its time that all women find there own unique look right!
I want to share you story with others and let the inspiration spread!!
I recently met Diana Jewell the author of Going Gray Looking Great. Check it out at
Lots of silver beauties sharing their stories and a great event this June in NY!

All the best

the Cindy Joseph post can be found here

angela says:

I was looking for some advice. I am 36 years old and a mother of three. Everyone, including photographers, have told me my whole life that I should model. I am only 5’5″ but have a very unique look. I know I have the face to model but am just looking for some resources to get me started. Please help!

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