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{June 22, 2008}   Givenchy looks I love on the fashion runway

These are some pictures from a Givenchy fashion show and I gotta say, I really love these very hot outfits… wish I had them. I also hear that last winter the Givenchy brand brought back some of the classic scents from previous decades as “mythical”. The Givenchy “mythical” perfumes were available for a limited time and discontinued at the end of 2007.

Here is also a classic dress from Givenchy, circa 1950’s

and a pic of the classic Givenchy perfume Le De

Sarah says:

Saying that that is just a classic 1950s Givenchy dress is like saying Audrey Hepburn was just an actress that acted in a few movies- please give her some credit as well! That is Audrey Hepburn, wearing Givenchy in Sabrina, 1954 (as to the later adaptations) Sorry to be a bit harsh here but she was a fashion icon! (incidently you could also have shown her wearing Givenchy in Breakfast at Tiffany’s from 1961. Givency loved Hepburn. She was a perfect canvas for their art. She set the fashion world on fire and set fashion trends that continue to this day. Every woman has a little black dress in their closet today.

Sorry once again but I thought that you should perhaps add that to the credit line for the dress.

Jacob says:

Except that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was one of her worst movies. I’d say stick with “Sabrina” (as that’s the work that started her affiliation with Givenchy), and then either “Charade” or “How to Steal a Million” (which even has a couple lines about the clothier.

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