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{April 5, 2008}   Seems its not easy being a supermodel

Yep, its not easy being a supermodel and walking down a slick, slippery catwalk in 6 inch stilettos. This is a compilation video of some very embarrassing stilleto moments and runway spills on the shiny slick fashion catwalks around the world. Check out the model in the giant white… I am not even sure what it is… getup, I can’t believe she did not fall in that. wow, painful to watch. And, there is another runway spill there in the video that looks like a baseball player sliding into home, yikes. Yep, fashion may in fact hurt…your butt that is.

This video also contains a short interview with Ms. Jay Alexander, from ANTM America’s Next Top Model and famous runway coach giving his 2 cents.

famous fashion runway models falling moments.

Sophia says:

Golden Beauty Race is an online beauty contest which gives you a chance to raise $10,000 to help you to kick start your modeling career and become a top model! Check it out at!

Anna says:

I have seen that,seems very weird to me. I understand the concept but can not understand how they can make someone a model.

I mean… If I am 5’2″, very cute, likable and interact a lot with the online posters… maybe I can get to the top of that “popularity” contest. but at 5’2″, how can they make me a model?

seems like another “pay to get to the top” type of popularity contest that there are dozens of right now.

my 2 cents, i may be wrong:}

Dream Job Search has some valuable information on getting into the world of fashion and modeling – see They don’t charge anything.

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