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{April 4, 2008}   I know my kids a star? what is Rocky thinking?

OMG, I had to watch I know my kids a star last night, the new Reality child modeling / acting show hosted by Danny Bonaduce. At one point during the show, I just wanted to stick my hand through that screen and sqeeze rocky’s little neck.

That woman really pisses me off. Forget the lack of style and looking like superstar stripper on crack / drag queen, she is just plain mean to everyone.

Her daughter had an audition and this nut tried to “out do” her daughter. The poor kid is just hoping mom will leave her alone. But this kid is not alone, a few of the parents on that show are plain whacked.. but Rocky totally takes the cake.

For anyone who has not yet caught the “I Know My Kids a Star” Reality disaster, check this out

Anyway, in a part of this weeks show, Danny Bonaduce actually gives the parents a tour of Hollywood shit holes and points out who partied where and even who died where after the party. Including showing the streets Drew Barrymore stumbled across at the tender age of 13 and the Viper Room pavement that River Pheonix collapsed on. Talk about a star studded macabre tour of Hollywood.

here is a video of another parent, Miss “I dream of Jeanie”

These parents are serious about their own success as a child star… well relived through the children.

Hey…I dream of jeanie here…This is why this video was made. I have NEVER wanted to be a star and could careless about being on TV! Maybe you should have posted the explanation beside the video…SEE BELOW
From Pam: I readily admit that I have ZERO TALENT! Did I mention ZERO TALENT?!?! If there was a contest called “America’s Got No Talent”, I’d win!

If you read the description of this video, you’ll note that VH1 asked that audition videos demonstrate personality on the part of the parent, and that was the purpose of this video – to demonstrate to VH1 that I had personality and was willing to humiliate myself to support my daughter’s aspirations.
maryjowold (1 day ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply | Spam Also, while we clearly do not know this for certain, we’ve heard that ours was one of the best video auditions they’d ever received (the complete dvd), and had them in stitches. Those interested in getting on Season 2 of “I Know My Kid’s A Star” can use these videos for ideas

Anna says:

Pam, I fail to see where your talent is in question on my blog. The comment at the bottom was general towards the attitudes of some of what I saw from the parents on the show, it is not geared towards you. The only thing geared towards you is “I Dream of Jeanie”, that is in regards to the I Dream of Jeanie(Barbara Eden)hair, nothing else.

You should realize that going on national TV opens you up to ridicule from every celebrity site on the internet and there are 1000’s. The series just started airing a few weeks back, maybe you should toughen up your skin and get ready for the commentary about the show and its “stars”. Yes, you made the decision to do it therefore becoming one of the stars.

You sound just livid that that video got posted… well then, in the future… If you do not want a video published all over the internet, leave it at home and do not upload it to YouTube where millions of people will watch it and comment on it.
can view it.


Just so you know I did not post that video. Trust me I would rather it not be there. This was for a dvd for vh1 and because they wanted to show what the audition process was they posted that as well. I would be very happy if they only put Mary Jo on the youtube site.

As far as toughen up I do have thick skin so don’t worry about that.

I simply posted the comment based on your general comment about the parents on the show.

Yes, I made the decision to be on the show but I will never consider that a “star”.

The comment was about the parents in general but it does put us all in the same category. There were parents on that show who have no desire now and have never had any desire to be a “star”. Trust me when I tell you we all were not the same on this show.LOL

I will give you this I think they should do two different shows and seperate the kids from the parents. They can title the children “Next child Star”. The parents should be titled I know my mom can last in a mental institution with nutjobs:) Trust me you stay in the same room with some of the moms night after night and you would go crazy too:)

Don’t mind you posting the video but wanted to shed light on the fact that I do not think I can sing. I do think people will pay me not to sing:)

Anna says:

Hi Pam,

I apologize for the remark about the hair, actually, I thought the video was cute. I Know you meant it to be humorous as would anyone watching it.

I admire you going to such lengths for your daughter. And I hope your daughter excels in her career.

as a note, 1 day with a few of those parants would be too much for me, much less weeks.

Pam Glover says:


No problem as I have to laugh at some of the comments made. Your comment was funny and I almost posted a picture from Halloween a few years ago when Mary and I both dressed like I Dream Of Jeannie. Then I thought twice as I know some would actually take me seriously.

A few parents were definetly to much for me. But on a bright note that house could have been called the Jenny Craig house cause I lost 14 lbs. from stress. So there you have it a good weight loss program:)

Helping my daughter has made me tougher and also take things lighter. If you look at some of the things you would have to laugh it is either that or cry. Mary and I have laughed alot. Mary Jo has gotten past some of her tween stage and acts alot differently now so when she watches some of it I think she has alot more appreciation for things and is alot mare thankful and humble. If the show helped this then I am forever greatful.

The kids had a blast on this show. The parents…well..:)

I tell you I slept with the bible under my pillow praying that I would make it through.

No problem…your thoughts on the show are mild in comparison to some I have read. You certainly come across as a sweet person not a hater!

Take Care,

tyler says:

pam ur daughter is arrogant she is NOT the next child star

tyler says:

u guna fail hahaha to bad u lose to a 9 year old ouch

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