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{March 13, 2008}   Getting your kids started in the acting and modeling

Here is an article I found on another blog, it talks about child modeling and getting your kids started in the acting and modeling industry.

Getting your child or baby into modeling

I recently talked to my friend Dee who has a 5 year old son named Chris. Chris in the last 4 years has done 3 commercials, 1 of which was a national commercial and countless catalog and magazine ads.

Knowing there are so many parents who would love to get their own babies or children into modeling and acting, I asked Dee for her advise.

A large hurdle to overcome when trying to get your baby into modeling is finding out where to start or what to do, I mean where do you find kids casting calls?. The besBaby gap adt place to begin is with research. Googling the words auditions, modeling, acting, etc. will give you some great results and many resources for child actors.

Dee also mentions to make sure you do not get caught in some of the scams out there. Dee tells me when she was first looking for agencies she picked up the phone and called around. All these agencies sounded excited and invited them to come in. Once there they tried to sell her portfolio packages for many thousands of dollars before they would ever consider helping her find auditions. Basically you had to pay them thousands without any guarantee that they will ever do anything.Not having thousands to waste, Dee took some pictures of Chris with her digital camera and created an online modeling portfolio for her child at Exploretalent is a service for the acting and modeling community that gives aspiring models a place to add an online portfolio that casting agents look through. Exploretalent also lists a database of every modeling and acting job available and searchable by location. Exploretalent.comBlack and white ad has 2 levels of service, a free portfolio and acting gig search and a paid custom search feature which allows you to be your own casting agent and submit your portfolio directly to the listed job.

With an online portfolio and a huge list of acting and modeling jobs for her baby, Dee began looking around. Pretty soon she was comfortable with the submission process and began submitting Chris to the auditions herself.

Her submissions started bringing responses from interested parties and pretty soon Dee and Chris had a full schedule of casting calls and auditions to go to weekly.

Dee explained that spending thousands is not always needed when much of the work can be done yourself with the help of online research and access to the right casting database such as the ones at and exploretalent.

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helen says:

Hi my name is helen mcmanus, i am interested in getting my daugter inot to the modelling industry, butdo know the right direction to goin, I need some help in which way i go. My daughter is 10months, called laila.
I would very great ful for your advise

Anna says:

You just have to get her to auditions and casting calls. The article above had a few places to start looking for the baby model castings

debbie says:

my dgt has been modeling for 2 years with a local agency and now it has come to a haulk d/t the owner went another direction that made me concerned. She loves modeling. She’s been told that she has the look and the height to succeed. Please help us to take it further. Paris is her destination.

Lorena says:

Hi there,
Interesting blog with good valuable info.
THanks for sharing.

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