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{March 9, 2008}   Gisele – the wet look

This dress on model Gisele looks like its made of water. I can’t figure out if its just an effect or if Gisele is wearing a dress made of something that looks like water. Anyway the photo and the dress is too cool.

Gisele wet dress

islam rulz says:

yo yo yo

Miah says:

Shes nude. They added the dress using computer programs.

jimbo says:

she is nude the ad is for the flip flps or what ever they are… shoes…

guessworker says:

I would love to see Gisele in this outfit.

shebangs says:

she’s not nude lah. she wore a dress dat was photoshoped to water effects..

yo yo says:

It is obvious she is nude, they did use computer programs like photoshop to add the water affects to look like a dress

Erin Shaw says:

Actually there is a way to make this effect in photoshop, i’ve seen tutorials for it. If you look up “Water Effect Photoshop Tutorial” on Google you may find something like it.

natalia says:

she isnt nude…yes its photoshopped effects..but she wore a flesh colored swimsuit the entire time

Criss says:

I was there when this was done, she was total nude then the dress was put on her there is 2 shots out there this one and the nude one. good lock looking for the nude one boys its on the web you got to look for it.

Tierra says:

why do you care if she is nude or not get a life u freakin losers!!!!

sadafi says:

i want to have this pictures in mail
can u send?

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